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With your support, this film will be completed in the Summer of 2014.

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A promo video for the project.

"The first settlers of Aotearoa (New Zealand) arrived approximately a thousand years ago from distant islands known as Hawaiki. A name remembered on other islands as Hawai'i, Havaiki, Avaiki and Savai'i. But what was there before Hawaiki? Modern DNA and linguistic analysis suggest that the ancestors of the Māori people, and indeed the entire Austronesian family from Madagascar in the west to Rapanui in the east originated from the island that is now known as Taiwan. This great exploration and dispersal may have begun as far back as 14,000 years ago. Beyond Hawaiki follows the journey of Māori rediscovering those ancient connections and making the journey to meet their long lost relatives in Taiwan."

A video showing the Maori participants of the project.

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Your support is needed to make this project a reality. Please click on the button below to make a donation of support. Details about the project are listed below. Please read to find out more about the storyline, benefits, partners, budget, and our plans.

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Project Treatment (Description)

This will be a 52-minute documentary film produced on high-quality HD video. This film, produced with cooperation between film crews in Taiwan and New Zealand, documents the journey of young Maori who travel to Taiwan to discover their cultural connections. What they discover will dramatically impact their lives and inspire future generations to connect their culture on a deeper level. Click on the link below for the complete Project Treatment.

Synopsis (Story Summary Paragraph)

Chosen to represent the Maori people of Aotearoa as cultural emissaries, a young adult and an elder journey to Taiwan to explore the indigenous culture of the island and understand the Austronesian connection to share their findings with their people. What they discover together are the striking similarities and differences between the Maori and the natives of Taiwan, which some consider the ancient homeland of the Austronesian tribes. While exploring the rich heritage and developing relationships with the locals among the mountain peaks and jagged coastline of this beautiful island, these Maori adventurers will forge a path for future cultural exchange. The film has the potential to expand into a series showcasing Maori exploring other countries. The project provides an opportunity to expand the Maori and the Taiwanese indigenous worldview by revealing the connection they share with other Austronesian nations.

Project Treatment Page | Click for Project Treatment (.pdf file)

Project Benefits

Why are we making this film and why should people care?

Societies around the world have lost their connections with traditional cultures, as more pressure is put on people to conform to dominant cultures. Even in dominant societies, people are losing touch with their cultural aspects, as they become more consumed by the activities of economic survival. Because of the lack of interest by younger generations, hundreds of languages and much culture has been lost in the past 50 years. Our hope is that this film helps viewers to place a greater value in the culture and knowledge of their grandparents and become inspired to inquire into and explore the culture of their ancestors on a much deeper level. Click on the link below for the complete Project Benefits.

Project Benefits Page | Click for Project Benefits (.pdf file)

Project Partners

Bridge Studios (橋樑工作室) is working with outstanding partners to ensure the effectiveness of the film's message. We will be working with professionals who are accomplished in their industry. Click on the link below for the complete Project Partners.

Production Team - Taiwan

Production Team - New Zealand

Support Team

Project Partners Page | Click For Project Partners (.pdf file)

Production Plan

The organizers have completed the pre-production phase. View the action items of the Pre-Production phase below. Click on the link below for the complete Production Plan.

Production Outline

This is only a brief outline of the phases of production for the film project:

  1. April 2012-February 2013: Pre-production stage
  2. March 2013-November 2013: Fundraising campaign for production expenses
  3. March 2013-November 2013: Film production of back stories and b-roll
  4. November 2013-December 2013: Film production of Maori journey to Taiwan
  5. Janaury 2014: Film production of follow-up interviews
  6. Janaury 2014-March 2014: Fundraising for post-production and marketing
  7. February 2014-June 2014: Post-production phase
  8. September 2014-December 2015: Marketing phase

Production Plan Page | Click For Production Plan (.pdf file)

Project Budget

Below is the budget summary for all expenses related to the production. Pre-production has been completed, and those expenses have been covered. Click on the link below for the complete Project Budget.

Total Budget For Pre-Production: US $8,140 (NT 252,340)
Secured: US $8,140 (NT 252,340) = 100% of this budget

Total Budget For Production: US $129,240 (NT 4,006,440)
Secured: US $13,420 (NT 416,020) = 10% of this budget

Total Budget For Post-Production: US $40,000 (NT 1,240,000)
Secured: US $0 (NT 0) = 0% of this budget

Total Budget For Travel: US $68,471 (NT 2,122,601)
Secured: US $7,100 (NT 220,100) = 10% of this budget

Total Budget For Administration: US $61,822 (NT 1,916,482)
Secured: US $14,462 (NT 448,322) = 23% of this budget

Total Budget For Marketing: US $29,000 (NT 899,000)
Secured: US $0 (NT 0) = 0% of this budget

Total Budget For Legal & Financial: US $25,000 (NT 775,000)
Secured: US $0 (NT 0) = 0% of this budget

Total Budget For Project: US $361,673 (NT 11,211,863)
Secured Total Expenses: US $43,122 (NT 1,336,782) = 12% of this budget

Project Budget Detail Page | Click For Project Budget (.pdf file)

Marketing, Distribution & Revenues

Full marketing, distribution and revenues details are listed, but much of the marketing and distribution plan will be adjusted after the final product is produced and promotional videos are made. An estimated US $54,000 (NT 1,674,000) for a marketing budget will be required to ensure that the film project achieves its primary goal: reaching over a million viewers worldwide.

How will we reach our audience? First, we are committed to producing a quality program that can be shown on broadcast television and the big screen. We also estimate that the film will be screened in at least 50 film festivals around the world. It is very likely that the film will be broadcast on television stations in Taiwan and New Zealand, and possibly other stations that are part of the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network. This network covers 13 countries. We believe that as more Austronesian countries become interested in their ancestral connections to Taiwan, there will be a market to broadcast our film in these countries, which contain a population of 386,000,000 people. Video On Demand web sites allow online viewers to pay for movies they watch and/or download. This method of distribution allows viewers to support independent filmmakers. We intend to produce a piece that will become an academic resource as well as an inspiration for young people throughout the Pacific region to participate in cultural self-discovery. As an academic resource, the film will have a long life span.

Even though it is not our main objective, it is possible to generate a profit through these methods of distribution, after covering the expenses of the project. Any profits will be used to fund future projects.

Project Marketing Plan Page | Click For Project Marketing Plan (.pdf file)


The project is produced by Bridge Studios, a creative services company in Tainan, City, Taiwan. When completed, the film project will be protected through a legal entity, and services will be required from an entertainment attorney. An estimated US $25,000 (NT 775,000) for legal fees, incorporation and insurance will be required.

Project Legal Page | Click For Project Legal Info (.pdf file)

Movie Poster

Click to download a printable pdf file of the film poster. (8.3 MB)

Beyond Hawaiki Film Poster
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